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401(k) Loan Default Clock

Each second that passes, more employees default on their 401(k) loans. Precious retirement savings evaporate. It’s time to stop the clock on loan defaults. Learn how.

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Source: Analysis based on Wharton/Vanguard Study, February 2014.

Protect the money you’ve worked hard to save.

Building your retirement plan balance took effort. If you need to take a retirement plan loan, protect your money with Retirement Loan EraserTM (RLE).

Don’t let a retirement plan loan default make you lose your balance.

If you lose your job, you may not be able to make your loan payments, putting your retirement plan at risk. RLE is a smart, low-cost protection program that repays your outstanding loan if you default and restores your 401(k) account in full.

We routinely insure our homes. Why wouldn’t we insure our 401(k) loans?

Your 401(k) may represent one of your biggest assets. It makes sense to protect it from unforeseen circumstances like losing your job. If you need to take a retirement plan loan, protect your money from loan default with RLE.

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