Protect Your Retirement Savings

Will you be able to repay your
401(k) loan if you lose your job?

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Protect your retirement savings
Concerned about 401(k) loan repayment?

If you are concerned, you’re not alone.

A study by Greenwald & Associates revealed that most people are stressed about loan repayment. It’s not paranoia, 9 out of 10 borrowers with a 401(k) loan outstanding after they lose their job are unable to repay. The consequences are very serious: the average person who defaults loses out on $300,000 in retirement savings.

That’s a lot…

…of your money!

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Find Out Now
If Your Plan Is Protected

Fortunately, employers are protecting their employees like you by including Retirement Loan Eraser when you take a loan. What does this mean for you? Your loan will be paid off entirely if you are laid off, disabled or die.

Is your 401(k) loan protected?

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