Tod A. Ruble, Chief Executive Officer


Tod A. Ruble is Custodia Financial’s founder and CEO, and leads the firm in pursuit of its sole purpose: to safeguard Americans’ retirement security by preventing 401(k) loan defaults.

As a member of Conscious Capitalism, a leading industry association for purpose-driven companies, Tod defines success in terms of business results and social impact: increasing financial literacy, building financial resilience, reducing reliance on the social safety net, and other constructive outcomes for all stakeholders involved.

After the passage of the Pension Protection Act, Tod observed that the system was progressing in key areas—such as autoenrollment and QDIA—but that it was failing people when they had an outstanding 401(k) loan and lost their job through no fault of their own, a time when they were especially vulnerable. This key insight was Tod’s inspiration for founding Custodia Financial and creating Retirement Loan Eraser (RLE), an automated, measurable financial wellness program that prevents 401(k) loan defaults, protecting plan assets and definitively improving retirement outcomes.

A recognized innovator in the retirement and benefits industry, Tod is a sought-after public speaker and press commentator. He has a deep understanding of America’s complex financial system and an intimate knowledge of retirement policy, regulations, and process.

Tod’s career has spanned a broad array of financial services, including insurance and benefits, commercial real estate, and investment banking, with proven successes in identifying emerging trends, creating strategic vision, and building successful institutional platforms. Prior to Custodia, Tod co-founded Harvest Partners, a specialized commercial real estate firm.

Tod attended the University of Texas at Austin and is a member of the Board of Directors of the Cotton Bowl Athletic Association. Mr. Ruble lives in Dallas, Texas, with his wife and two children.